The Hills at Doo Lough

There is a picture on my desktop of hills a few miles from our home. I have been wooed to these ancient witnesses, these untouched rocks and unpaved paths. Riverlets pour down their sides, and sheep climb so high on their steep slopes, I wonder how they don’t fall off them.


But, lately, I have been asking them to tell me their story. These silent friends heard God speak them into existence at the dawn of time. They carry the mark of virgin earth, undeveloped by humanity. They knew the fresh kiss of God in the first days of creation. And they have stood faithfully where He placed them for uncountable centuries. What do they know, and what have they seen throughout the millennia?


They have no buildings on them, although I cannot say they never have. They have no telephone poles stringing modern life to them. There are no fence poles or stone walls. Only rocks, and soil, and poor soil at that. They can see their reflection in the waters of the Lough that sits at their base like a shimmering skirt hem. And sometimes their peaks are sprinkled with snow, like powdered sugar on a cake.


Do they know I love them? Do they know I try to listen to their silent story, but as yet have not translated their language into what I can understand? Do they know they are wild and beautiful and are perfectly in the will of God as they simply remain where they have always been? He placed them there, in His great care. Oh to have a heart like that, immovable once God has spoken; unchangeable once His will is made known. Dear, dear hills, you inspire me to obedience.


I know these beautiful hills have no free will, no ability to change location, no choice but to stand. But there is great comfort in knowing that were I to live a thousand lifetimes, they would still be standing where they have been since the foundations of the world. Did you see Father Creator preparing His kingdom then? When He was forming you, did you glimpse that you were being built through the Son of God? Did He leap and dance on you with joy at your beauty? Could you feel His love shining on you, and His mercy raining on you?


And through it all, through the ages, you have held the secrets of those who have seen God. And now, are you groaning? Are you longing and aching for the freedom that His sons and daughters know?  You were damaged when we sinned. You lost some of what you were meant to be. But, dear hills, I declare over you, that you will see restoration. What Father Creator intended will be brought to you again at the return of His Only Begotten Son. He will make all things new.


In the meantime, thank you for your steadfastness, and testimony. We both wait for Christ’s return. Then we will both be new, you and I. A new heaven and a new earth. It’s hard to imagine you being more beautiful than you are today.


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