If you're tired of religion, if you hunger for something beyond what you now know, then you are alive and already in the flow. Come discover more....

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Lots of quick messages that build your spirit, understanding and faith! One verse per teaching, mostly 10 minutes long!

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Our Focus

The Wild Goose Adventure takes its title from the story (yet to be 100% verified) that the ancient Celtic Christians referred to Holy Spirit as The Wild Goose - rather than the dove that we typically see.  Their idea was that the Spirit of God is untameable and unpredictable.

Whether or not the ancients used the term, the idea of Holy Spirit being unpredictable and untameable captured my heart, and thus the name of the ministry was decided.

We believe that the most staggering and profound truth of the gospel is the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ - and that as those who have believed into Him, we share His life, death, and resurrection.  The fact that God lives in us and we live in God is an adventure I never want to end.

The teachings, resources, memes, etc. have come out of the ever increasing revelation that Christ is in us, we are a new creation.

With all that in mind, we hope you enjoy the site. Please contact us with any questions of comments!