Awaken the Minstrels

The carrier of power and radical cultural connections in days of old was minstrel. Let me explain.

In centuries past, the local public house with gallons of mead and brew was the home of melodies and myths. After hard labor on farms and villages, neighbors would gather for story telling, news from afar and songs that carried the history of their people in their lyrics. A small room with a fireplace, tables and a bar welcomed farmers and merchants, shepherds and cattlemen. Stories would abound, of kings and heroes, legends of great conquests, and swords of honor. And the minstrel gave all this history an anthem of its own. From father to son, the song would be sung and passed to the next generation of countrymen. In the middle ages, illiteracy was rampant. But the songs and the legends were the vehicle by which historical narrative was transferred to the next generation.

My heart cry is to awaken the minstrels!! Arise, arise song of this day! This is a clarion call to the musicians, minstrels and bards of our time. Write the chorus that will carry this day.

From centuries past, men and women have been downcast and heavy laden with toil, taxes, enemies and storms. There has always been oppression and injustice. But the songs of the people, the songs that exalt our God and that lift men's eyes to the higher things of love, and hope and justice… theses are the songs of heaven that bring the fresh breezes. Those who work and those who dream sing their hope in the face of darkness.

Now you, my minstrel friends, you hold the power to converge the dreamers and the workers for this generation. You must start the choruses; you must summon light in your lyrics for the hearts of all who are alive now. As hope's light flickers in this dark day, your songs will refuel the fire.

And perhaps, dear minstrels, those of you who will go deep inside your spirit, will hear the ancient melodies that shifted history. If you will take time in silence, and away from the overdone patterns that sell albums, but never touch greatness, then perhaps our time will have a song that brings hope. If you do not sacrifice for this, we will be without anthem. We will have no marching song. I pray you search for the melody, note by note. We need your song.


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