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This book is a menu. Holy Spirit is the meal. The Holy Spirit invited me with a
whisper. He wanted a deeper relationship with me than I had ever known.

And this invitation is extended to you. Most books on the Holy Spirit explain what He does. This book helps you discover who He is, what He likes, how He feels. In other words, you can have a true, intimate relationship with the third Person of the Trinity and this book will help to launch you into it.

So many teachings about the Holy Spirit have divided the church. This book focuses on Him as a person, more than on the doctrine or His ministry. Give time and focus as you journal, study, listen and discover with the tools provided throughout the book.

Some have asked, "Well what about Jesus?" Far from detracting from Jesus in any way you will learn how the Holy Spirit is actually the delegate of the Trinity sent to dwell in you and to make Jesus known to you.

We were created for this relationship. And now, more than at any other time in history, the Holy Spirit is brooding over the earth, searching for those hearts who are hungry to know Him more. Click here to purchase online.

There is only one food that can satisfy human soul-hunger.  It is Jesus, the Bread of Life, who is the Word of God.  Today there are more Bibles in print than in all of history. And yet many Christians remain hungry.

The Ladder to Heaven teaches a centuries-old method of reading and meditating on Scripture that can satisfy that hunger and deepen your relationship with the Lord.  This simple four-step practice enables the believer to grow in a friendship with the Lord that is intimate and powerful.  Included in this book is a 40-day "Season of Reading God," with journal pages for each day.

There is also a guide for small groups who want to advance together in prayer, meditation and hearing God's voice. Click here to purchase online.

God once gave His best secret to a cook! His name was Brother Lawrence – a monk who lived in the 17th century.. God was his best friend. His book, The Practice of the Presence of God has sold millions of copies, in many different languages, all over the world. For many, it has been one of the key books in their Christian faith. How to Enjoy God All the Time is the children’s version of this now-famous book. It tells Brother Lawrence’s story in words that are easy for a child to read and understand. Each of the 26 delightful illustrations is accompanied by an excerpt from Brother Lawrence’s book. Then, there is an action for the young reader to try. This is to encourage the children to enter their own happy friendship with God.  Click here to purchase online

He healed the blind and lame, raised the dead, and saw an entire nation come to faith in Jesus Christ. Patrick is one of the most well known and beloved saints in history, yet most people have never heard of the great miracles, signs, and wonders that filled his life.
In this book, you will not only discover the supernatural power this saint of Ireland walked in, but your own faith journey will be challenged to enter more fully the realm of the spirit open to all believers in Jesus Christ. Click here to purchase online